Supporting Persons with Disability

Future plan of MSDO Finance for the Persons with Disability

Currently individual loan to PwD is available in MSDO Finance which is funded by KIVA receiving good response from clients. MSDO Finance has started to give incentives to those clients that have PwD members. This will help to diversify the total risk among group members and provide PwD the opportunity to participate in the livelihood programme of MSDO Finance. In addition, group loans allow PwD who have typically been alienated from mainstream society to garner social acceptance and self-confidence.

MSDO Finance is coming up with a video tutorial which includes sign language, subtitles& audio file of promotional materials, which will be available at branch office for easy communication. This video will be focusing on non- PwD clients as well as PwD clients.

Adding a set of questions in the SHG application form and in the TAB application for identification of PwD so that, will have accurate data regarding the number and diversity of disabilities.

All the necessary forms will also be available in Braille.( i.e. cash book, loan application form, money receipt, SHG loan documentation, SHG registration form).

MSDO Finance Won award for Working Group for Disability Inclusive Microfinance at the 5th NCPEDP- MphasisUniversal Design AWARDS 2017 under Category C:Companies and Organizations. The Award is to be given on Feb 16, 2017 in New Delhi.

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