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Our Mission is to provide knowledge to individuals and organizations to utilize media to have their voices heard.

 MSDO Fish Duck Integrated Farm

MSDO Fish Duck Integrated Farm

Our ducks are raised on all-vegetable grain feeds and fresh well water, and they are free run in large spacious barns with plenty of fresh air and unlimited access to food and water. MSDO Duck Farm maintains a strict Bio Security program to ensure maximum safety to the health and welfare of the birds and ultimately, the end consumer.
MSDO Fisheries have been identified as a sunrise sector for the Manipur economy. The mandate is to increase food supply, generate job opportunities, raise nutritional levels. We have been supplying Rohu, Katla , Grass Carp and many more... Our fishes are raised on natural food.
In true spirit, next to rice, fish is a major part of the food culture of Manipur. It also forms an important part of the traditional and religious rituals of 2.5 million Manipuris and MSDO FARM has been supplying

Our Team

Bimol Singh
Farm Keeper
food dept
Fish Keeper

Since 2014 we have been supplying Fish and duck all over Manipur ! Cheers!

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    MSDO Finance know how hard it is to pick up the pieces when a husband, and often father passes. It can be devastating for even the strongest of women.  Immediately the burdens of the spouse’s role are hefted upon the shoulders. Through our training and capacity building programme for widows, we work directly with vulnerable women […]

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    Approach to MSDO Finance

    MSDO Finance Lending Methodology We have adopted Joint Liability Group (JLG) method of lending, through which we lend to group based women, on Center / Group (up to 6 sub-groups) recommendation and guarantee. At present, we have only one project, called “MSDO Microloan Project”, (Group Lending Program) in which, we follow basic principles of original methods […]

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