July 28, 2017

Turn your dream Bike into reality with a MSDO Two Wheeler Loan

The distance between you and the two-wheeler you desire is now easily travelled, with MSDO Two-wheeler Loans. Commute or cruises, go the distance on your new ride with a down-payment of only Rs. 1999.


Eligibility Criteria

The following people are eligible to apply for a Two Wheeler Loan:

    • A salaried or self-employed individual
    • Individuals who are a minimum of 21 years of age at the time of applying for the loan, and no older than 65 at the end of the loan tenure
    • Those who earn a minimum gross income of Rs. 84,000 per year for a salaried profile, and Rs. 72,000/- per year for a self-employed profile
    • Individuals who have been residing at the given residence for a minimum of 1 year (in case of transfer from another location with less than 1 year at the current location, kindly provide relevant documents to the bank during loan approval stage)
    • Those who have been working for a minimum of 1 year
    • Individuals who have a telephone/office landline connection

Keep your documents ready

Documents required for Personal Loan

    • Application form
    • Photograph
    • Age proof
    • ID proof
    • Income proof
    • Bank statement
    • Residence proof
    • Signature verification proof
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