March 4, 2017


MSDO Finance began operations on 12 Oct 2016 by Romee Sharma with an aim to provide financial services to the financially weaker sections in Manipur.

MSDO Finance uses the group lending model and lends only to women through its micro-finance operations, providing access to adequate and timely credit for a secure livelihood and dignified life that can help them combat poverty.

MSDO Finance aim to fight shoulder to shoulder with the poor in the villages, providing the leverage needed to obtain economic success among families who are struggling to find a way out of poverty.


We provide loans to individual as well as group members in poor regions of Manipur for a range of income-generating activities. MSDO also offers emergency loans. . MSDO serves hundreds of poor people across villages in Manipur. By providing the poor this range of economic tools, we are looking forward to the eradication of poverty.


In the initial growth period, MSDO only offers one basic loan product, which is strictly restricted to income generating activities. During the first cycle and on average, clients apply for a loan of a maximum Rs. 15,000 (the minimum amount is Rs. 2,000). During each cycle thereafter, the client has the option of applying for up to 120% of the previous loan amount.
The basic loan is repaid in equal weekly installments at “center meetings” held in the local communities. Prepayment of principal is possible but only if the client settles the entire balance of the principal outstanding.
The Centers are the heart of MSDO operations as this is where all transactions take place: loan application, initial approval (from group members), and collection of the deposit slips.


This product will start being offered to clients during the course of the next fiscal year. The emergency loan is designed to meet events that could put the continuity or effectiveness of the income generating activity at risk. To be able to access an emergency loan, the client must present a good rating in terms of credit discipline. Like the basic loan, the emergency loan must be approved by all the associates in the group. The emergency loan will be granted for a term of 25 weeks with weekly payments and the maximum loan amount is Rs. 10,000.



MSDO Finance provides Individual Loan lending for individuals. Rest of the procedure is same as in group lending procedure.


SEND or RECEIVE money worldwide instantly through MSDO Finance, we act as agent for Money Transfer`s Inward Remittance.



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