March 4, 2017

Terms and conditions

Processing Fee Charged at the time of Disbursement. Penality is not charged in any case. Prepayment allowed without penality. Loan is without collateral. Loan is repayable by daily, weekly, fornightly & monthly installments at the choice of the borrower. The Loans are sanctioned for supporting the members for undertaking Income Generating activities We do not charge any type of other additional fee from clients We ensure that any of the clients are not financed by more than one MFI excluding MSDO Finance. Maximum permissible net loan exposure to a client is not more than Rs 100000/- Household Income criteria for Rural areas is Rs 60000/- annually & for Urban it is Rs 1,20,000/- annually respectively. All the loans are mandatorily to be verified by MSDO Finance Credit bureau before disbursement. For any further information kindly contact : 7421871575




Note regarding RBI master guidelines on Peer to Peer lending platforms

This note is in light of the Reserve Bank of India notification dated 4th October 2017 that requires all Peer to Peer Lending Platforms in India to register as NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Institutions).

This is a much anticipated development and will play a crucial role in regulating the expanding market for peer to peer lending. The key takeaways from this notification are as follows:

  • No non-banking institution other than a company shall undertake the business of Peer to Peer Lending Platform.
  • Every company seeking registration with the Bank as an NBFC-P2P shall have a net owned fund of not less than rupees twenty million or such higher amount as the Bank may specify.

The notification also requires that entities, who wish to conduct Peer to Peer lending or are already doing Peer to Peer lending, apply for a certificate of registration to carry on the activities within 3 months of the notification.

As you are aware, MSDO is a not-for-profit entity and our mission is to serve financially excluded communities through low cost credit. Our network of 600+ supporters have contributed capital, with hopes of nominal or no financial gains, to help the cause of poverty alleviation and women empowerment.

We are evaluating all our options presently and weighing the pros and cons of each option that is available to us. We want to assure you that whatever decisions we take post this RBI notification, we will safeguard the interests of our social investors and the communities that work with us.

While we deliberate on our next steps, please feel free to reach out to me at in case you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to your continuing support.

Warm wishes,
Romee Sharma

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