March 4, 2017

Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives
At MSDO Finance, our aim is to enable our customers enhance their income levels and overall social well-being. Towards this objective, we have had since inception, a separate, dedicated Social Initiatives Team that works directly with our customers and endeavors to nurture a relationship with them such that the customers feel comfortable enough to reach out to our team for solutions to the problems they face within the sphere of Financial and Social well-being.
Some of the areas which our Social Initiative Team is involved in include :

Strategy Projects :

We conduct social projects, often with external partners, that we believe will enable us serve our customers in a more meaningful manner. Here, we also focus on collecting qualitative socially relevant data from our customers, to enable us to decide what kind of projects we can work on next.
Financial Literacy :

We conduct programs to inculcate a regular savings habit amongst our customers, provide assistance in opening bank accounts and encourage them to improve their savings ratio. For our repeat customers, we disburse the next-cycle loans through the formal banking system. In addition, we also reach out to the families of our customers so that financial well-being can be a holistic family effort.
Livelihood/ Skills Training :

We conduct various skills training programs that help our customers to improve the businesses they currently operate or start a new venture.

Health-care :

We regularly organize Health Check camps for our members including eye checks, dental checks and mammograms.



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